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UCAS Assist

Student Timeline

End of Year 12 (June/July/August) - decide on a degree course or apprenticeship, plan summer reading/activities to support the application.

September/October - visit universities on Open Days, start writing Personal Statement.
Note: 15 October hard deadline for Oxbridge and Medics applications to be submitted by schools.

Half term – aim to have first draft of personal statement

November - finalise PS and university choices.

Mid-January - UCAS application deadline.

Oundle Tutors Support

Fact finding interview to identify key interests and drivers and specify research priorities

This may mean University, apprenticeships or 

the first step on the career ladder.


Review and re-draft as necessary

This may require a further interview to test validity of choices

Deciding your post A level education or career path can be a confusing and overwhelming time. An early start is key in minimising stress and maximising clarity of the way forward, leaving the student to focus on achieving the grades they require. Our UCAS Assist program is led by an Oxford graduate with over 12 years experience heading up the Careers Department at a top UK Independent School. She is supported by Curriculum and Academic Heads from other top Independent schools. Together, they have years of experience in supporting students through both UK and US University application processes.

The summer holiday before Upper sixth is the time to start. This allows students to explore their options and to gather evidence to support future applications. What follows is a research phase where the student can do the groundwork in identifying and eliminating options. The student may need a follow-up interview, identifying specific courses and universities where relevant. Then follows the UCAS process and the personal statement.

Whatever the school timetable, we suggest the student targets the following, to ensure options are clear and the Personal statement put to bed before Christmas, allowing a focus on studies in the final two terms of sixth form.

Fees from: £60 per hour (We anticipate each student may require in the region of 4-6 hours)

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