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Oundle Tutors was formed in 2016 by Judith Middleton, previously Deputy Head of Mathematics at Oundle School. Since then, a small group of experienced teachers have supported over 500 pupils in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History, French and English and at GCSE and A level. We have also supported children through Common Entrance and SATs, we have a good network so can make recommendations in other subjects.

At Oundle Tutors we offer a very flexible service, geared around the needs of your child and maximising the value they get from their current teaching and independent learning. Tutoring can be limited to a couple of lessons to guide the student through a missed or challenging topic or, if required, can take the form of a weekly lesson to supplement existing teaching. We also support a number of home tutored pupils.

If you think your child shows one or more of the following indicators it may be worth considering a tutor:

  • They lack confidence in a particular subject

  • They are not achieving the results you would expect in homework or interim exams

  • They need to improve their grades in order to pass a forthcoming exam.

It is helpful to talk to your child and their teacher before seeking a tutor. 

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