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A Level and GCSE

Exam Technique

Support offered when content knowledge is secure but the student is not achieving predicted grades under exam conditions. Previously sat papers are reviewed and a specific program of study developed. Programs vary but tend to take the form of a few face to face sessions followed by paper submission, marking and follow up.

Fees from £55 per hour 

Home Schooling

We support several home-schooled pupils. We find most students require one lesson per week in addition to independent working to keep pace with a GCSE time-tabled syllabus. Home tutoring works best when tutors, parents and the student work collaboratively to support a specified timetable.

Fees from £60 per hour 

Individual term-time tutoring 

The most traditional form of support. Weekly or fortnightly term-time support to embed and enhance current teaching. This may include setting extra homework

Fees from £50 per hour.

Topic Boosters

Support offered when student is weak in one particular topic or has been absent for its teaching. This support tends to happen in the holiday and takes the form of intensive tuition and assessment.

Fees from £55 per hour 

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