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Lucy was thrilled to pass her Maths GCSE, whilst we knew she had the academic ability she had lost any confidence and enthusiasm. She was so pleased to embrace learning Maths again through the tutoring OT gave her. 

My daughter (year 10) has found Mark to be a great physics tutor, who has really helped consolidate her basic knowledge; focusing on putting the principles of each topic covered into an understandable format, which she can then relate to real life examples. This has really helped when completing GCSE practice questions back in class. An invaluable service.

Just a few sessions with Judith have transformed my son’s attitude to Maths.  He says he has learnt more in a few hours than in a year at school.  The clarity of Judith’s explanations has resulted in his confidence soaring and his attaining A* in his exam.  He has gone from struggling in Maths to loving it.  I cannot thank her enough.

Max has gained confidence and enthusiasm for his physics GCSE with the encouragement given to him by Mark. 

I only wish Chris had taught me Chemistry when I was a student, he makes the subject come alive and his enthusiasm is catching.

In three hour long sessions, Judith explained the concepts Ben didn't understand and helped him to recognise those he did.  By the end of those sessions, Ben’s confidence in the subject was at an all-time high and he was looking forward to maths lessons at school.

Hector was strong in Maths but struggled with Mechanics. He signed up for a topic booster and in just one session went from half marks to full marks in Mechanics Past Papers. The tutorial helped him unlock the code of Mechanics

Sam came back from his History tutorial buzzing with excitement. He is getting good teaching at school but the tutoring seems to take him further into the subject, reawakening his excitement and reminding him why he chose the subject in the first place

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